The Best Slow Rap Songs of All Time

The Best Slow Rap Songs of All Time

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Although often associated with a strong, aggressive vibe, rap music can actually be just as mellow and calming as any other kind of slow music.

When you’re in the mood for some slow rap songs, you may check out the tracks on this article’s curated playlist.

What Is a Slow Rap Song? 

Rap songs with a slow beat and a laid-back feeling are known as slow rap songs. The genre has developed through the years into what is now recognized as a relaxing and enjoyable form of contemporary music. 

6 Best Slow Rap Songs of All Time

Slow rap, characterized by a deliberate, relaxed tempo, has gained popularity among the younger generation as a response to the increased demand for music media streaming services. Let’s check out some of the best slow rap songs that you can add to your playlist.

1. “Pass Dat” by The Weekend 

The Weekend “Pass Dat”

Artist: The Weekend 

Year: 2016

Jeremih and Chance, the Rapper collaborated on this rework for The Weekend. It was released in 2016, and very immediately afterward, it became a fan favorite. The Weekend’s vocals blend with lines from the other two singers to create a calm, pleasant song with lyrics like

“…Cup after cup, gotta double that up

I’ve been waitin’ on this all day…”

Slow rap,  R&B, and electronic styles are all included in this remix, making it one of the best slow rap pieces of all time. 

2. “Real Friends” by Kanye West

Kanye West “Real Friends”

Artist: Kanye West

Year: 2016

Album: The Life of Pablo

Lyricist: Kanye West

This slow rap track by rapper Kanye West features Ty Dolla Sign. 2016 marks the debut of this song, which fuses hip-hop and rap. Kanye, along with Noah Goldstein, Darren King, and Mike Dean, served as producers. This song has a groovy tone with lyrics like 

“…Real friends

I guess I get what I deserve, don’t I?…” 

The song appears on Kanye’s seventh full-length album.

3. “Bagbak” by Vince Staples

Vince Staples “Bagbak”

Artist: Vince Staples

Year: 2017

Album: Big Fish Theory

Vince Staples’ Bagbak is a mellow rap track that depicts hopeless behavior, including discussions about fame and fortune, racism, and politics. The song’s lyrics complement the song’s dismal brilliance perfectly with words like 

“…So sacrilegious, don’t ask to chat

And don’t ask for pictures, bagbak I’m tripping…”

This song combines hip-hop and rap into a mellow, relaxing groove. I would describe it as a smooth fusion of slow rap and hip-hop. Lyrics that are somber but effective are hard to come by.

4. “Passion Fruit” by Drake

Drake “Passion Fruit”

Artist: Drake

Year: 2017

Album: More Life

Drake, a rapper from Canada, dropped this 2017 slow rap single. A variety of musical styles, including R&B and slow rap, are mashed together in this hybrid, with lyrics like

“…Passin’ up on my old ways

I can’t blame you, no, no…”

Some genre labels applied to “Passionfruit” include pop, tropical house, and dancehall.

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5. Okra by Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator Okra

Artist: Tyler Gregory Okonma 

Year: 2009

Album: Digital single

Lyricist: Tyler Gregory Okonma

“Okra” is a slow rap song containing a variety of instruments, including drums, bass, piano, and strings, and a production that works well with Tyler’s vocals. The song definitely captures the sassiness of slow rap, with lyrics like

“…Man, now they go

I cut off some friends, where they go…”

It’s the kind of chill rap music that can help you get through a long day at the office.

6. Chanel by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Chanel

Artist: Frank Ocean

Year: 2017

Album: Digital single

Lyricist: Christopher Breaux and others

Although gender fluidity and masculinity are often taboo subjects, Frank Ocean has produced a song that addresses both. Some of his rap lyrics have even been about his exes. This particular song included Chanel Iman, one of his exes, with lyrics like

“…It’s really you−

I see both sides like Chanel…”

The lyrics in “Chanel” were praised as soon as they were released for their rejection of heteronormative ideas of masculinity and the normalization of homosexuality.

Other Best Slow Rap Songs of All Time

Some of the most popular slow rap songs are:

  • “White Lervson” by Post Malone
  • “Unforgettable” by Swae Lee, French Montana
  • “Mirror” by Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne
  • “Location” by Khalid
  • “Father Stretch My Hands” by Kanye West
  • “Promises” by Wiz Khalifa
  • “Transportin’” by Kodak Black
  • “I Feel It Coming” by Daft Punk, The Weekend
  • “A Lie” by French Montana, Max B, and The Weekend
  • “Low Life” by The Weekend, F

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