About Us

Lucas Araujo Castro


Lucas Araujo Castro has always been a passionate musician. From a very early age, Lucas had a fascination with music. Even as a toddler, Lucas enjoyed listening to music, and it made him calm down whenever someone would play anything. Seeing this, his parents knew they had given birth to a future rockstar. So as the years went by, with ample support from their family, Lucas started practicing music. While other children were focused on toys and games, he was seen spending countless hours practicing their guitar.

Lucas Araujo Castro was a performer from a very early age. He participated in all sorts of talent shows and stage performances and made a name for themselves among friends and classmates as the music guy. However, one thing Lucas missed was others who shared the same burning passion for music he had. This all changed when Lucas met Romeo Douw at a small local concert. They began their budding friendship there, but little did Lucas and Romeo know this was the start of something beautiful!

Romeo Douw


Romeo Douw, too like Lucas, was into music. Romeo had a band when they met, and he soon recruited Lucas into their band. This began a wonderful friendship as Lucas and Romeo spent hours jamming and brainstorming ideas and songs, fueled by their shared inherent chemistry. Romeo had a fantastic voice, and even tho he lacked the mastery over guitar like Lucas, Romeo was blessed with a unique and powerful voice. Moreover, they studied at the “Cleveland Institute of Music” on “IMusic Theory”.

Romeo always had a knack for researching music. That, combined with his academic studies about music, makes him a truly knowledgeable person about anything music. He is the equivalent of a music nerd with a vast mind full of music research to back it up. You do not want to debate anything related to music with Romeo Douw, that’s for sure.

Rafael Valle Rico

Writer, Musician, and Visual Artist

Rafael Valle Rico was recruited into the band by both Lucas and Romeo with open arms, and there’s a good reason for that. Combining his background as a visual artist from “University of South Carolina,” Rafael can write music that is genuinely mesmerizing. His lyrics and wordplay paint a picture in his audience’s mind. Paired with relatable and powerful lyrics, his songs are indeed works of art at their finest.

Rafael also has an incredible sense of music production. He is a fantastic percussionist and pianist. Calling his compositions magical would definitely be an understatement, as he paints pictures with words. He is a unique bundle of talents and a passionate artist at heart.

Why Us?

Simply put, we here at Soundhonic are passionate musicians catering to music lovers. What sets us apart from others is that we are a unique group of individuals who are each industry experts and share the same common goal, the goal to live and breathe music.

To us, music is not just a part of our lives; our lives revolve around music. It is the thing that makes us excited as soon as we wake up, and it is the thing that puts us to sleep.

Music to us is not only a creative outlet, but it is like the seasoning that gives all our lives flavor. We don’t just create music; we celebrate it. So join us in celebrating music.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to spread, foster and nurture the wonderful love and passion for music among people across all walks of life. We believe that music is a powerful gift and a blessing from above. Our target is to influence and educate the upcoming generations and ignite the same fire that burns in our hearts in the hearts of people everywhere around the world. Music is a universal language. It has the power to heal and change lives. And so we want to change people’s lives by showing them the magic of music and all that it can do.

What kind of songs can I find at Soundhonic?

Soundhonic shares music that’s made all around the world. That being said, we here at Soundhonic share mostly English songs, as English is the most widely spoken language worldwide.

What do you mean by music theory?

In our Music Theory, you can get our expert advice and knowledge on any topics discussed there and develop a better understanding of it. Furthermore, you can rest assured that whatever information is provided on our website is of top-notch quality and reliable!

What genres does Soundhonic cover?

We here at Soundhonic love and celebrate music. So we never discriminate between genres because we love all forms of music. This means you can expect to find all genres of music here at Soundhonic.

What else can I find at Soundhonic?

Other than song recommendations, and music theories, you can find information on musical instruments and gears here at Soundhonic that can help you understand them better. We aim to be a one-stop place for new music lovers and individuals interested in music.