The 10 Finest Songs About Peaches

Finest Songs About Peaches

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Peaches look appetizing and taste sweet, like chunks of heaven. You can make so many desserts with this delicious fruit. But did you know there are also some great songs written with the word ‘peaches’?

Peaches are so versatile that musicians wanted to incorporate this pleasant-looking and delicious-tasting fruit into their songs. If you want to know the best songs about peaches, check out our list below!

The Most Awesome Songs About Peaches

1. Justin Bieber Ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon- “Peaches”

Justin Bieber Ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon- “Peaches”

In “Peaches,” Justin Bieber sings about how he’s found someone who makes him feel like a king and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. So, he compares her to a sweet, juicy peach and says she’s everything he’s ever wanted.

Moreover, Daniel and Giveon also contribute verses to the song, singing about their own experiences with love and desire. Overall, “Peaches” is a song about the joy and happiness of finding someone special.

2. Snoop Dog- “Peaches N Cream”

Snoop Dog- “Peaches N Cream”

This song features a playful, upbeat beat and a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head.

In “Peaches N Cream,” Snoop raps about his love for a beautiful woman, who he describes as sweet and juicy, like peaches and cream. He sings about how she’s the perfect combination of beauty and sass. The song is a celebration of love and desire, sure to put a smile on your face.

3. Broods- “Peach”

Broods’ “Peach” features a dreamy, atmospheric sound and emotional lyrics that deal with themes of heartbreak and moving on.

In “Peach,” Broods sing about the end of a relationship and the pain that comes with it. Despite the sadness in the lyrics, the song has a hopeful, uplifting tone, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever gone through a breakup.

4. The Monkees- “Apple, Peaches, Bananas, & Pears”

The Monkees made a whole song about a fruit basket! What can be more romantic than giving it to someone you love? The song features a fun, upbeat sound, and whimsical lyrics. The band talks about how they want to present their loved one with a fruit basket with apples, peaches, bananas, and pears.

5. Chevelle- “Peach”

In “Peach,” Chevelle sings about the importance of taking control of your life and making changes, even if they are difficult.

The song is about letting go of the past and welcoming the future, and how it can be a painful and challenging experience. You will be able to relate to it if you are also going through a tough time.

6. The Presidents of the United States of America- “Peaches”

“Peaches” features a catchy, upbeat melody and humorous lyrics that will surely make you giggle. There are two theories about the lyrics: either the band is just singing about the fruit, peach, or they are singing about a guy falling in love with a girl named peaches. So, it’s up to you to choose!

7. 88rising, Joji & BlocBoy JB- “Peach Jam”

If you are looking for a summer jam, “Peach Jam” is your summer song! The song features a mellow, atmospheric beat and lyrics dealing with passionate love and desire themes.

8. Lauren Alaina- “Georgia Peaches”

“Georgia Peaches” is a song by the country singer Lauren Alaina. The song was released in 2011 and was included in her debut studio album, “Wildflower.” The singer talks about Georgia state in the song and admires the girls of Georgia, who know what they want, by comparing them to Georgia’s famous sweet peaches.

9. The Stranglers- “Peaches”

“Peaches” by The Stranglers was released on their 1977 album, “No More Heroes.” The song features a distinctive, upbeat melody and lyrics often interpreted as being about desire and sexuality.

The meaning of the lyrics in “Peaches” is open to interpretation, but many people believe that they deal with themes of sexual desire and longing.

10. Rufus Wainwright- “Peach Trees”

“Peach Trees” was released on his 2001 album, “Poses,” and features a lush, orchestral arrangement and lyrics full of emotion and longing.

In the song, Wainwright sings about a relationship that has fallen apart and how he’s struggling to come to terms with the loss. He describes how he used to love the way the sun would shine on the peach trees, and now the sight of them just reminds him of what he’s lost. The song is a beautiful and heart-wrenching tribute to the power of love, and it’s sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever gone through a difficult breakup.

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Now you know that peaches make a great song aside from making great desserts. So, if you want something peachy in your playlist, these songs with different meanings and vibes will make your playlist sweeter. Grab a peach and enjoy these songs while relaxing!

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