10 Songs About Finding Yourself

Songs About Finding Yourself

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Sometimes, we lose ourselves and don’t know who we are. We create a bubble of doubt around ourselves. This stage of life is typically the journey of self-discovery. It’s difficult, and the experience is different for everybody.

In these times, music plays an important role in healing and providing comfort. It can be an excellent way to help us find ourselves, so here are some songs about finding yourself.

10 Inspirational Songs About Finding Yourself

1. Selena Gomez- “Lose You to Love Me”

Selena Gomez- “Lose You to Love Me”

Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” is a classic improving-on-oneself song. It received critical praise for its emotional lyrics and Selena’s raw vocal delivery. Moreover, the song reflects the phase at the end of a toxic relationship and the process of self-discovery and healing that follows.

2. Ariana Grande- “Thank You, Next”

Ariana Grande- “Thank You, Next”

“Thank U, Next” is a popular song by singer Ariana Grande, released in 2018. The song is a pop and R&B track featuring a mid-tempo beat and lush vocal harmonies.

In the song, Ariana reflects on past relationships and expresses appreciation for the experiences and growth she gained from them. The song’s message is self-empowerment and moving forward from past experiences to find happiness.

3. Rudimental & Major Lazer Ft. Anne-Marie and Mr. Eazi- “Let Me Live”

Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-Marie & Mr Eazi)

“Let Me Live” is a vibrant and upbeat dance track that combines elements of electronic dance music, reggae, and Afrobeats. The lyrics celebrate life and encourage listeners to live in the moment and enjoy their experiences to the fullest. So, when you need some in-the-moment music, this song is your jam!

4. G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha- “Me, Myself and I”

G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha- “Me, Myself and I”

“Me, Myself and I” was released in 2015 and reached the top 10 in several countries, becoming one of G-Eazy’s biggest hits. The song is an upbeat and introspective hip-hop track that finds G-Eazy rapping about his rise to success and his personal struggles along the way.

Moreover, the lyrics touch on themes of self-reliance and independence, and the chorus, sung by Bebe Rexha, emphasizes the importance of self-love and confidence.

5. Ben Platt- “Grow as We Go”

Ben Platt- “Grow as We Go”

“Grow As We Go” is a delicate ballad reflecting on the ups and downs of a relationship and the idea that two people can grow and change together over time.

With its emotional lyrics and Platt’s powerful vocals, the song showcases his versatility as a performer and his ability to connect with listeners on a deep and personal level. This song will definitely make you support your significant other more than ever.

6. Chris Brown- “Back to Love”

Chris Brown- “Back to Love”

“Back To Love” is an upbeat and catchy mid-tempo track with R&B, pop, and hip-hop blends. In the song, Chris Brown sings about his desire to return to a place of love and happiness in a relationship and his willingness to do whatever it takes to make things right while improving himself.

7. Halsey- “Still Learning”

Halsey- “Still Learning”

Halsey’s “Still Learning” is perfect for the ones looking for their real selves. The song reflects on Halsey’s journey as an artist and her ongoing process of self-discovery and growth. In the lyrics, she acknowledges that she is still learning and growing as a person and she is still trying to figure things out.

8. Noah And The Whale- “Give It All Back”

Noah And The Whale- “Give It All Back”

In “Give It All Back” lyrics, the band reflects on the idea of giving everything up in pursuit of something greater, whether it be love, success, or personal fulfillment. The song encourages listeners to take chances and live life to the fullest with a cheerful and uplifting message.

9. Mariah Carey- “Through the Rain”

Mariah Carey- “Through the Rain”

In “Through the Rain,” Mariah sings about facing tough times and not giving up, even when it feels like the world is against her. The song’s chorus encourages listeners to hold their heads up high and keep pushing through the storm, no matter what life may throw their way. So, the song’s message will reach you if you are looking for hope and determination.

10. Before You Exit & Great Good Fine Ok- “Find Yourself”

Before You Exit, Great Good Fine Ok- “Find Yourself”

“Find Yourself” is an upbeat pop track that features the band’s harmonious vocals and upbeat instrumentation. The song is about self-discovery and the journey of finding one’s identity and purpose in life.

Moreover, it encourages listeners to explore their interests, talents, and values and to pursue their passions and dreams, even if they are uncertain about where their path may lead them. So, celebrate individuality and have the courage to be true to yourself. 


Finding your true self can be challenging, but don’t let anything stop you from reaching your true potential. The songs on the list are relatable and will help you through tough times. However, never losing hope is the central theme of all the songs. So, it’s best to follow your own path and move forward!

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