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Songs About Brown Eyes

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About 79% of people in the world have brown eyes. So, you would think there would be more songs about it, but unfortunately, it is hard to find a song dedicated to brown eyes. As blue and green eyes are rare, they attract the attention of musicians.

However, if you want to dedicate a song about brown eyes to your crush or friend, we have the perfect 11!

Songs About Beautiful Brown Eyes

1. Ed Sheeran Ft. Cardi B. & Camila Cabello- “South of the Border”

“South of the Border” was released in 2019, and the lyrics describe a romantic encounter with a brown-eyed woman south of the border, presumably in Mexico, with a playful and flirty tone.

The song features a Latin-inspired beat, with reggaeton rhythms, Spanish guitar, and horns, and showcases each artist’s unique vocal style.

2. Van Morrison- “Brown Eyed Girl”

Van Morrison- “Brown Eyed Girl”

Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is a very popular classic song that describes a romantic encounter with a brown-eyed girl, capturing the carefree spirit and youthful optimism of the 1960s. The song features a catchy, upbeat melody, with Morrison’s distinctive soulful vocals and a memorable chorus.

3. Mint Condition- “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”

Mint Condition- “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”

“Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” is a 1991 R&B song by Mint Condition, known for its smooth vocals and catchy melody. The lyrics describe the singer trying to win the heart of a woman with beautiful brown eyes. How Sweet!

4. Caleb Hearn- “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair”

Caleb Hearn- “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair”

“Brown Eyes, Brown Hair” is a country song by Caleb Hearn that tells a story about a man reminiscing about a past relationship with a woman who had brown eyes and brown hair.

The singer beautifully describes his past lover and motivates her not to hate on herself because her brown eyes and hair are beautiful.

5. Kelly Clarkson- “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Kelly Clarkson- “Behind These Hazel Eyes”

We know “Behind These Hazel Eyes” is not technically about brown eyes, but it falls into the same color chart. So, hear us out. It is a 2004 pop-rock song by Kelly Clarkson, which tells a story about a woman struggling to move on from a failed relationship but ultimately finding the strength to do so.

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6. Lady Gaga- “Brown Eyes”

Lady Gaga- “Brown Eyes”

“Brown Eyes” features Gaga’s signature emotive vocals and tells a story about the power and beauty of love, specifically referencing the way that a person’s eyes can communicate deep emotions and connections. “Brown Eyes” is considered one of the album’s more introspective and personal songs.

7. Cody Simpson- “Pretty Brown Eyes”

Cody Simpson- “Pretty Brown Eyes”

“Pretty Brown Eyes” is a 2013 pop song by singer Cody Simpson, which celebrates the beauty of a girl with pretty brown eyes. The song features catchy pop hooks and a romantic, upbeat message about the singer’s feelings for the girl he’s singing about.

8. Fleetwood Mac- “Brown Eyes”

“Brown Eyes” by Fleetwood Mac is a love song about the singer’s deep feelings for a woman with brown eyes.

The song captures how love can feel all-consuming and overwhelming, with lyrics such as “Oh baby, I’m taken with the notion / To love you with the sweetest of devotion.” Overall, it’s a heartfelt expression of love and admiration for someone special.

9. Stevie Wonder- “Ebony Eyes”

Stevie Wonder- “Ebony Eyes”

“Ebony Eyes” is a 1985 R&B song by Stevie Wonder, featuring Smokey Robinson on vocals. The song tells a story about a man falling in love with a woman with “ebony eyes” and their deep connection.

Moreover, the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody add to the song’s romantic and joyful atmosphere, and the lyrics celebrate the beauty of the woman’s eyes and the way they capture the singer’s heart.

10. Bedside Kites- “Deep Brown Eyes”

“Deep Brown Eyes” is a song by the indie folk band, Bedside Kites. It features gentle acoustic guitar and melodic vocals. The lyrics describe the beauty of the woman’s brown eyes, as well as the way that she makes the singer feel when he is with her.

Overall, “Deep Brown Eyes” is a romantic and dreamy song that captures the feeling of falling in love and how one person can capture someone’s heart.

11. Allen Stone- “Brown Eyed Lover”

Allen Stone- “Brown Eyed Lover”

“Brown Eyed Lover” is a soulful R&B song by Allen Stone, released in 2019. The song is a tribute to the singer’s wife, who has brown eyes, and expresses his deep love and appreciation for her.

The lyrics describe the many ways that the singer admires and cherishes his partner, from the color of her eyes to the way she laughs and moves.


An acoustic guitar is one of the best ways to bring out the beauty of brown eyes. At least, that is what we got to know from these lovely songs about brown eyes. So, next time you want to adore your brown eyes or someone else’s, listen to these songs or dedicate one.

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