7 Songs About Friendship Ending To Get Peace Of Mind

Songs About Friendship Ending

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One of the joys of life is the relationships we build over time. And from all that relationships, friendship is the most pleasing and vital. But, though friendships are blessings, ending one is the worst to face.

Therefore, it hurts a lot and is deep enough to make you feel numb. However, songs are the best way to find peace in such situations. So, here is a round-up of the top songs about friendship ending that calms the mind.

1. I Lost a Friend – FINNEAS

I Lost a Friend - FINNEAS

Release: 2019

Album: Blood Harmony

Genre: Pop

YouTube Views: 22M

The first line of the lyric is “I lost a friend.” And then, to drive the point home, it is followed by the words “like keys in a sofa.” So if I had to pick one song about losing a friend, this would be it.

FINNEAS does a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of losing a friend through his music. 

The song’s idea starts simply. First, he sings about how he lost a friend and is sad about it.

But if you listen to it carefully, you will understand that he is building up to something much more profound. FINNEAS sings about how he lost himself while losing a dear friend.

2. Tell Me How – Paramore

Tell Me How - Paramore

Release: 2017

Album: After Laughter

Genre: Alternative

YouTube Views: 4.4M (Audio Version)

This song is all about relationships that fade. Moreover, the lengths people go to keep them alive. 

It is not strictly about friendships ending, though. But the lyrics are versatile, and the song’s emotion can apply to platonic and non-platonic relationships.

The song is also a great listen even if you cannot relate to losing a friend; firstly, lucky you!

Secondly, you will still enjoy it. Haley Williams’s beautiful voice and musical beat are fantastic.

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3. Why We Ever – Haley Williams

Why We Ever – Haley Williams

Release: 2020

Album: Petals for Armor

Genre: Pop, Alternative

YouTube Views: 2M

‘Why We Ever’ is also a Haley Williams song. But it is her single. At the same time, the previous one was with her band, Paramore.

This is one of the best songs from her debut album. She expresses her feelings about a cherished friendship ending.

Haley Williams is all confused due to the sudden disappearance of a dear friend from her life. 

The song also shows a bright side. It tells how important it is to keep hope alive. And I agree with that. Hope is what keeps us going.

4. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

Release: 2014

Album: 1989

Genre: Pop, Electro

YouTube Views: 1.5B

How can I talk about songs about friendships ending without mentioning Bad Blood? 

I remember when this track came out; it took the internet by storm – just check out the number of views! Although, you can say that for most Taylor Swift songs.

Speaking of which, this song is best enjoyed along with the music video. 

Anyway, the track is about her well-known and personal grudge against Katy Perry. 

It tells how it was all well. But then their friendship turned to ‘bad blood.’ Also, Kendrick Lamar features in it. Need I say more? 

‘Bad Blood’ is an excellent song about failed friendships and a great one to listen to.

5. Anytime You Need a Friend – Mariah Carey

Anytime You Need a Friend – Mariah Carey

Release: 1993

Album: Music Box

Genre: Soul, RNB

YouTube Views: 26M

Mariah Carey’s voice is evergreen. Send this song to your friend. Hopefully, that relationship will become evergreen too.

This track tells how she will always be there for a friend. There are different ways of interpreting it.

No matter what happens, even if a friendship ends, you will still be there for your friend.

And that they can always count on you. Unless, of course, you get bad blood. 

6. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Release: 1995

Album: Tragic Kingdom

Genre: Pop

YouTube Views: 968M

The person you date can become a dear friend as well. This song is about how the singer’s relationship ended. She lost her friend and lover, who was also a band member.

Don’t Speak is definitely on the older side. It came out in 1995. However, it still holds its own to this day. 

It has a great chorus; the music and composition combine the whole thing. 

7. Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers Ft. Daya

Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers Ft. Daya

Release: 2016

Album: Collage

Genre: Electro, Pop, Dance

YouTube Views: 1.9B

This song is a bit of a wild card. The song is about how to put trust in somehow when they need them. So, yes, not necessarily about friendships ending. 

But the lyrics are pretty versatile. For example, it could be dedicated to a lost friendship.

In addition, the song is a fabulous listen in general. The beat drop, vocals, and chorus are all excellent.

Wrap Up

Losing a friend can be just as heartbreaking as losing a loved one. These songs about friendship ending should be relatable if you had the unfortunate luck of suffering through it. The best we can all do now is to wish them the best and move on.

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