7 Best Forgotten Songs That You Should Definitely Listen To

best forgotten songs

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Everybody has those times when they hear some music on the radio, in a car around, or just playing inside a grocery shop and wonder how they went their whole lives without experiencing it. 

If nostalgia intrigues you, then this article is for you! We’re about to embark on a fantastical adventure into the land of long-forgotten songs, so stay tuned!

7 Greatest Forgotten Songs

Even if you consider yourself a die-hard music fan, you may be surprised by how many fantastic forgotten songs you have yet to discover. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the popular forgotten songs you haven’t heard before. The list includes songs like

1. “Swing for the Crime” by The Saints

Swing for the Crime by The Saints

The Saints’ bold third album, released after the success of their breakthrough album, Stranded, failed to resonate with their audience. The song “Swing for the Crime” is a hidden gem, especially because the song blends high rhythms with Memphis soul and cinematic pop, making it amazing to listen to. The song is also quite distinct in its lyrics, with twisted words like

“…Locked in a room full of words

I’m a one-eyed midget with a curse…” 

2. “Señorita” by Vince Staples

Señorita by Vince Staples

The song “Señorita” from Vince Staples’s outstanding debut album “Summertime ’06” is driven by a piano tune that seems like it is actively looking for rivals to stalk.

The lyrics of the song appear to replace Staples’ traditional strengths of self-control and discipline with chaos and melancholy, with words like

“…That’s somebody’s son, but a war to be won

Baby, either go hunt or be hunted…”

Vince’s flow of voice, which can switch from slow and subtle to rapid-fire at any given moment, made this song one of the greatest forgotten songs that you should listen to. 

3.  “Backwater” by Meat Puppets

Backwater by Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets included the track “Backwater” on their eighth studio album, “1994’s Too High to Die.” Instantly, it became the most popular song from their most popular album.

All that was good about alternative music in the ’90s can be found in “Backwater”: powerful guitar riffs, compelling lyrics, and infectious hooks. The song’s words struck a chord with listeners and remain relevant decades later, with words like

‘…In the backwater swirling, there is

Something that will never change…’

Meat Puppets have remained a band as of the year 2022. No other song could bring as much fame as the song “Backwater” did for this band. 

4. “Say Hello 2 Heaven” by Temple of the Dog

Say Hello 2 Heaven by Temple of the Dog

Chris Cornell, the lead singer for Soundgarden, wrote the song “Say Hello 2 Heaven” after the tragic death of his friend Andy Wood. The song can be found on Temple of the Dog’s self-titled album’s singles compilation.

When someone close to you has passed away, a song like “Say Hello 2 Heaven” can help ease your pain because it says words like

“…Hey, so I blow out, out the candle and I put you to bed

Since you can’t say to me now…”

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you sit down for a while and listen to this forgotten classic that will make your heart melt.

5. “The Hustle” by The Pharcyde 

The Hustle by The Pharcyde

The album’s final track, “The Hustle,” epitomizes Pharcyde’s style. The group engages in a traditional back-and-forth chant while the music swings along smoothly. It’s contradictory in a way that only Pharcyde could pull off; they manage to be both lighthearted and deadly serious with lyrics like 

“…Who you gonna call?

Hustle hustle hustle hustle…”

Despite the fact that this song did not achieve the level of success that it deserved, it is nevertheless considered a classic.

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6. “Davidian” by Machine Head

Davidian by Machine Head

“Davidian” was a distorted guitar and double-bass drum explosion from the album “Burn My Eyes by Machine Head” released in 1994. Through the verses, the song’s lyrics were hissed and yelled like

“…Burn my fist to the concrete

My fear is my strength…”

The song “Davidian” exemplified the new school of American hard rock and heavy metal that emerged in the mid-1990s. A variety of metal styles, including thrash, punk rock, groove metal, and industrial metal, were all woven together in this song.

7. “Don’t You Want More” by Mantronix

Don’t You Want More by Mantronix

Even though it’s not as well-known as some of Mantronix’s other songs, this hefty track is a wonderful example of hip-house, a brief musical style that seamlessly fused hip-hop with house music. While the lyrics of this song may appear to flow easily at first, they gradually become more profound, with words like

“…You know I want to tingle and give you my love

So why do you keep treating me wrong?…”

Music with cryptic titles can be risky, but this one will leave you wanting more. Once you listen to the electronic beat of this forgotten song, you’ll be hooked on it.

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