Author: Rafael Rico

best intro songs

10 Best Intro Songs You Must Listen

Song intros hold onto the listeners and grab their attention. Usually, catchy and rhythmic intros attract more listeners than other intros. Some intro songs are

best of soft rock songs

The Best of Soft Rock Songs of All Time

A subgenre of rock music, “soft rock,” emerged in the ’60s as rock bands and musicians began incorporating pop-influenced chord progressions and lyrical themes into

Is Ukulele Hard To Learn

Is the Ukulele Hard To Learn?

The term “hard” is subjective and might mean different things to different people. When taking on a new skill set, the same task may seem

Best Throwback Songs

The 9 Best Throwback Songs

Throwback songs transport us to our youth when life was simpler. Something about those old classic songs makes us want to dance, sing along, and

Songs That Start With K

There is a wide range of songs that start with K. Songwriters got inventive when choosing titles for their hits by using words that start