Author: Rafael Rico

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Top 10 Songs that Start with X

Only a handful of songs start with the letter “X.” The letter “X” is not a used starting letter for song titles; making songs that

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12 Bright Songs About Florida

Florida is known for its sunny beaches and fantastic vacation spots. Even if you aren’t from Florida, the state’s absolute beauty of the sea will

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70s Soft Rock Songs

Had An awful day today? While working, play the Beatles’ “Let it be.” Want to unwind after a stressful day? Listen to John Lennon’s song

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9 Thrilling Songs About Dragons

Dragons are the most well-known mythological and folklore creatures. Whenever you hear a story of a brave knight, there’s a dragon who breathes fire and

Songs About Finding Yourself

10 Songs About Finding Yourself

Sometimes, we lose ourselves and don’t know who we are. We create a bubble of doubt around ourselves. This stage of life is typically the

Finest Songs About Peaches

The 10 Finest Songs About Peaches

Peaches look appetizing and taste sweet, like chunks of heaven. You can make so many desserts with this delicious fruit. But did you know there